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Home Products Flow Measurement Vortex Flowmeters VFM 4070L
Vortex Flowmeters - VFM 4070L
Vortex Flowmeter C VFM 4070L

VFM4070L plug-vortex flowmeter is inserted a small vortex flowmeter in the large pipe to measure the mean flow velocity, and then use the pipes cross-sectional area to calculate the flow of gas or steam.




Temperature, pressure, flowrate integrative design, online temperature compensation
Output 4 ~ 20mA standard current signal
No mechanical moving parts, maintenance free
100% pressure test and quality assurance
Set all parameters by keys or HART
Measuring gases, steams and liquids
A number of certificates guarantee the quality
KROHNE Germany software resulted in the accurate calculation
Easy installation, low maintenance costs