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Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex Flowmeters - Suitable for a wide range of media

Vortex flowmeters are suitable for a wide range of media. This is particularly true of the KROHNE OPTISWIRL.

It measures both conducting and non-conducting liquids as well as all industrial gases. It also measures saturated steam and superheated steam, compressed air and nitrogen, liquefied gas and flue gas, demineralized water and boiler feed water, solvents and heat transfer oil.

The OPTISWIRL 4070 even masters fluctuating pressures and temperatures thanks to integrated pressure and temperature compensation.

Integrated pressure and temperature compensation
Temperature compensation for saturated steam is a standard feature
All devices feature 2-wire technology
Excellent long-term stability thanks to sturdy construction
High measuring accuracy
Maintenance-free sensor
Non-wearing, fully-welded stainless steel construction with high resistance to corrosion, pressure and temperature
Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP) ensures maximum measurement reliability and stability
Instantly ready for operation (plug & play)